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Southwood Circle’s neighbour is the University of Manitoba, daily destination for 40,000 people who study, work and play on campus – a market currently under-supplied with multi-family accommodation within walking distance.
The campus, surrounding area major retail, planned on site convenience retail and entertainment, direct bus rapid transit connection, and a community hospital are all within a short walk. Everything a high quality destination needs for live, work and play is here.
Winnipeg’s bus rapid transit system travels between the campus and downtown in 15 minutes. Every part of Southwood Circle will be within a 5-minute walk of a rapid transit stop.


IG Field is where football fans cheer on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Valour FC, as well as the university’s popular Bisons. The 33,000-seat stadium is the largest in Winnipeg.
This 100,000 sq ft space is the hub of campus facilities for health, wellness and physical activity. It’s well-stocked with state-of-the-art equipment for cardio and strength-training, plus a 200-metre running track and climbing wall.
The campus has spectator facilities totaling 5,000 seats for all major sports, including swimming, racquet sports, basketball, hockey, volleyball and track and field.
The university is upgrading and expanding the range of music venues, galleries and theatres on campus. The showpiece will be the stunning 407-seat Desautels Concert Hall now under construction.
The University of Manitoba’s Smartpark is a 500,000 square foot development in ten buildings leased to 50 local to international research and technology tenants who employ 1,500 researchers and students. Smartpark’s mission is developing space for lease to knowledge-based companies and startups involved in re­search areas that complement the University’s academic and research mission, including the following broad areas:
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Engineering and Advanced Materials
  • Health and Biotechnology
  • Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
50 acres of serviced land for lease opportunity with growth potential for 500,000 sq ft


Southwood will provide homes for more than 11,000 people who can walk to work, walk to their favourite stores and restaurants, and hop on the bus rapid transit system for a 15 minute trip to downtown Winnipeg. This urban infill development will eliminate car commuting and avoid needless construction of roads and services to suburban communities. Southwood takes advantage of existing services within the city. Urban infill is the foundation of sustainable development.
The Winnipeg bus rapid transit system runs through the Southwood community with stops that are within a five minute walk of all residences. A trip on the bus rapid transit system to downtown is only 15 minutes.
Southwood has 21 acres more than double the statutory parkland requirement. The park includes 1 km of Red River waterfront parkland.
The parkland preserves more than 5,000 mature trees, some as old as 300 years. The park network also serves as wildlife corridors for those with whom we share the land. Unlike most new neighbourhoods, Southwood Circle will feel like a mature urban oasis from the outset.
Southwood will be fed by 24 kVA service which is 95% hydro electric energy. UM Properties is exploring other net zero initiatives including geothermal.
Developers in Southwood will work with UM Properties in accordance with community wellness and sustainability policy and design guidelines to deliver the most sustainable buildings in Canada.

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