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Current Lots


UM Properties is putting Southwood Circle’s best foot forward by making the best land parcels available during this first development phase. These lots are within 100M of the core campus, all campus amenities and are closest to the riverfront park. Phase 1 will serve as an anchor for the community. We’re seeking large-scale developers who can help shape the character of this unique new community.

current lots phase 1
20230622_UM DRAWINGS_Phase 1A with lot dimensions

Phase 1 lots permit densities up to 5x with zoning permissions for mixed use multi-family. Sites along Sifton Road must have retail at grade as part of the vision to create a retail district here.

Phase one timeline

August 2023

Phase 1 lot release

Q1 2024

Land servicing begins


Building construction



Phase 1 lots range in size from 1.073 to 1.637 acres with the flexibility to adjust size and dimensions to suit. Consideration will be given to large-scale phased projects. The lots were brought to market under an open bid process in June 2023. CAD versions of the lot plans are available on request.

The lots are fully zoned for mixed-use residential, retail and office commercial to a density of up to 5X with maximum height of 250 feet. Properties fronting Sifton Road will be required to include retail at grade. City parking requirements have been reduced by 30% due to transit availability and walkability to campus. Condo and rental development are both encouraged. The property will be fully serviced in 2024.

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All lots within Southwood will be available under a lease term of 99 years with a one time pre-payment of land rent that will approximate the freehold value of the land parcel. The land lease is renewable for condominiumized projects.

The land lease model is common for university campus developments and has a well established trading and track record for borrowing and selling at UBC, Simon Fraser and UCalgary. The Southwood model is based directly upon the UCalgary model.

University Amenities

University fitness, art gallery, concert hall and performing arts are available to the public.

Property Taxes

Properties once leased to developers will be subject to the usual City Of Winnipeg property taxes.

Development Charges and Levies

Winnipeg does not presently levy development or impact charges.

Rent Control

All new developments are exempt from provincial rent control for a period of 10 years.

University Staff, Faculty and Students

Student dorm-specific housing is not permitted at Southwood. The University’s daytime population of 40,000 people is generally underserved by walkable residential and retail and represents a material pool of potential demand for Southwood developments. 


Roads and services within the community will remain privately owned by UM Properties. There will be a homeowner association formed and a cost recovery for maintenance and repairs of the infrastructure.


  • UM Properties is the master land developer who will install all community services, roads, utilities, parks and park improvements.
  • Third-party developers will lease land parcels from UM Properties for a renewable term of 99 years. Land rent will be a lump-sum payment due on closing.
  • Third-party developers will develop individual lots to deliver a built form in conformity of the overall Community Wellness and Sustainability Policy and Design Policy vision and the Southwood Circle Master Plan.


UM Properties is seeking experienced large-scale developers to maximize the synergies between the University of Manitoba campus community and Southwood Circle who have a successful track record in:

  • Mid and high-rise mixed-use development
  • Sustainability community design and innovation
  • Commitment to quality and developments that stand the test of time


Maximum Density 3.5 million sq ft
Maximum height 250 feet
Coverage 70% – 80%
Lot size  1.073 to 1.637 acres
Residential Up to 3,400 residential units
Commercial office and retail Up to 150,000 sq ft
Parking 1/unit Residential
3/1,000 sq ft of Retail
All parking to be underground or above-ground structural


Contact Greg Rogers to learn more about Southwood Circle Community.

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