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About UM Properties


UM Properties is a limited partnership whose units are controlled by a University of Manitoba trust. UM Properties GP Inc. is the general partner and the independent land development company guiding the creation of Southwood Circle into a complete mixed-use community.

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SOUTHWOOD circle Vision

At Southwood Circle, our foundation is built upon core values that guide every step of our journey toward fostering a thriving community. Our approach to community building is shaped by these values:



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Build long term prosperity for the University of Manitoba through community development and campus transformation.


A vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable residential community extension of the University of Manitoba campus.


Trust & Integrity

We prioritize honesty, reliability and ethical behaviour as guides to our actions and interactions with our team, with our stakeholders, and with mother earth.


Belief in a Better Way

We share a strong desire to effect positive change. We are innovative and focused on continuous improvement. We strive to challenge the status quo, explore possibilities, and develop more effective solutions to wellbeing.



We prioritize sustainable living and strive to build harmony with all to which we are naturally connected.


Community Wellness

Our focus is on creating a thriving community that enjoys social cohesion and cultural diversity, is affordable and offers excellent value, that provides all stakeholders a voice, has a small environmental footprint and that promotes the health of our natural systems. These are the core elements of our model for community wellbeing.


Resilience and Diversity

We celebrate and grow our abilities as a group of diverse individuals to adapt to and manage the world of change and generate optimal outcomes.

These values define the essence of Southwood Circle and drive our commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community.

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